The Adventure Project Teams up with Migrate Skis!

The Adventure Project is excited to announce a new partnership with Migrate Skis. Migrate Skis will be the skis of choice for The Adventure Project and we will be designing and testing new models around the world.

Migrate Skis is owned and operated by Brendan Lawrence and he makes all the skis by hand out of his factory in Wheatridge, Colorado. The skis feature carbon laminate construction and wood cores without any fiberglass in them. This enables Brendan to produce some of the lightest skis on the market, if not THE lightest skis on the market right now. He backs his products with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Migrate Skis

Migrate Skis with The Adventure Project at the Amazing Adventures Denver Travel expo on May 30th. pic: Steve Golter

We believe that having some of the lightest skis on the market and an industry leading 3 year warranty, will be exciting news to avid skiers when the skis are released this Fall. Migrate will be launching two skis straight away, the Plunge (a 108mm underfoot all mountain ski) and the Pivvit (119mm underfoot with a very tight turning radius). We are currently working with Migrate on two new models: a 100mm underfoot mid-fat with a tight turning radius and a 125mm underfoot hard-charging big mountain ski with an approximate 30m turning radius. Keep watching this space for more information about these new skis.

Migrate Skis/The Adventure Project

Brendan Lawrence, founder of Migrate Skis, talking to the public at the Amazing Adventures Denver travel expo. People were amazed at how light the skis were! pic: Steve Golter

It’s an exciting opportunity to be working with a passionate skier and builder like Brendan. He’s sacrificed so much to follow his dreams; the guy lives out of his van so he can operate his factory and build his skis and has been conducting R + D on the skis for 4 years now, just to get the process right! It’s very inspirational to work with him and we can’t wait to show the skis to the public. I think he’ll do really well, as long as people know about the brand.

Wooly likes Migrate Skis!

The Pivvit is 119mm underfoot, yet they weigh only 3.9lbs a ski. That means they are very lightweight and easy to steal, as it turns out….. The Colorado Mammoth lacrosse team mascot Wooly, was a big fan. Good job he can’t ski….. pic: Steve Golter

For more information, please check out the Migrate Skis website at for more information.


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