164090_10150387090915104_62Being an ambassador for The Adventure Project is a way to show that you believe in us and for us to show that we believe in you. Here’s how…

Know Where You’re At

You’re in one of two places: You want to save some money or get a free trip to one of our destinations this winter. Or maybe you’re interested in selling our trips for commissions. If one of these is you, then our Ambassador Program might be a good option for you.

Choose a Program

There are two programs to choose from: the Commissions Program and the Ambassador Travel Program.


Commissions Program

Under this program, you will be paid 10% commissions for any referrals that lead to direct bookings for one of our full program Chile, Japan or Gulmarg Powder Sessions trips.

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In order for you to receive your commission, the guest must tell us who referred them. They should use your Ambassador code that can be obtained by emailing Adventure Project owner, Matt Appleford at The guests will be asked to input their referral codes at the end of the on-line booking form.

The guest must use the ambassador’s referral code in order for us to be able to track the sale and give you your commission. As a back-up, the ambassador can also give us the full name (first and last name please) of a potential guest that we can track. If that guest books and does not give the code, we can still ask if anyone referred them, we can then confirm if the ambassador did in fact refer them.

Ambassador Travel Program

This is the program for the ambassador who wants to go to Chile, Japan or Gulmarg at a discounted price.

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The level of discount depends on the number of guest referred to The Adventure Project. As above, the guest must use either the ambassador’s referral code (most preferable) or the ambassador’s full name, for the ambassador to get the credit and subsequent discount. The following program is for guests that undertake our full programs only.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, for every person you refer to The Adventure Project, you will receive a $300 USD credit towards your trip to Chile, Japan or Gulmarg.

You can share the discount with your friend, or use it all for yourself, it’s up to you! You must ask for the Ambassador discount (via email) to be put into effect before any discount will be credited.

Additional Notes 

The Ambassador Travel Program can only be used for guests that are paying the full price for their trips. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or discounts (so you could not get any credit for a referral of a guest who has already signed up using the Early Bird Discount, for example). Ambassadors can choose to keep the discount for themselves or share it with their guests. That is up to the discretion of the Ambassador.

Get yourself a group together for Gulmarg or any of our other destinations and save yourself a ton of money!

Get yourself a group together for Gulmarg or any of our other destinations and save yourself a ton of money!

If you are trying to fill your own private groups, please try and make sure all participants are evenly matched in terms of skier/boarder ability, motivation, fitness and equipment. Then we don’t have to move anyone around in any of the groups at the start of the trip. If there is a split and we cannot move that guest into a more suitable group, then for safety, we are forced to move at the pace of the slowest/weakest rider.

Guests don’t all have to be present in the same session. For example, if an ambassador got 2 clients for Session 1 and 3 clients for Session 2, then that is 5 clients in total and they still get the full discount of $1,500 USD towards their group.

Ambassadors must be registered with Matt Appleford and have a valid referral code. Email to register for the program. It is recommended to do this as soon as possible. We want to try and avoid the rush and have guests booking late and potentially missing out on their preferred accommodation. Registration is free.


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